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Prep Preaux

  • A low pH cleaner to help loosen the dirt off your ride and prepare you for a great wash!

Bug Buster

  • An alkaline chemical that is engineered to break up the bugs and other nasty dirt and grime off the front of your car.

Underbody Eraze

  • A powerful burst of high pressure rinse used to clean and blast away any unwanted debris. Even if you don’t see it everyday, its important to clean underneath too

Tidy Rims

  • A highly tuned low pH cleaner designed to break away brake dust and road dirt on your wheels and tires

Wax Preaux

  • A simple wax designed to give your ride a nice and subtle shine!

Triple Feauxm

  • A combination of three colorful and cleaning low pH chemicals to coat and clean your entire ride! 

Tire Glaze​

  • A gloss coating that is applied to your tires to give a nice shine.

Rain Defender

  • A semi-sealant that is used to offer a long-lasting protective layer from Mother Nature’s elements.

Lava Fleaux

  • This is our highest end detergent that is neutral based and aids in the removal of all dirt and dust particles off the vehicle's surface.

Carnauba Gleaux

  • Our highest end wax that is used to bring a true shine-enhancing quality to the surface of your vehicles and protect the paint for years to come.

Secret Gleaux Sauce

  • A proprietary chemical we use to make your car extra shiny! It acts like a clear coat protectant, a wax, and a ceramic coating all in one.

Goody bag

  • Our Goody Bag is a Gleaux baggie with a citrus vanilla air freshener and a dash wipe, that can be used in your car as a trash bag

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